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Žilina ranks among the most important railway and motorway junctions in Slovakia. Already in ancient times our town was crossed by roads of international importance - from Danube through the Váh River Valley up to the Baltic Sea with the road to East Slovakia. The bridge over Váh River to Budatín is mentioned as early as in 1438 and 1499.

Today Žilina lies on the crossroad of European multimodal corridors Va (Trieste - Vienna - Bratislava - Žilina - Ukraine) and Vl (Gdansk -Bielsko-Biała - Zwardoň - Skalisté - Žilina), which were approved in a Conference of Ministers of Transportation in Helsinki (1996).

The city communal transportation started in Žilina in 1949, and is managed by the Transportation Co. of the City of Žilina. Among the most important enterprises in recent years ranks the construction of city trolley bus transportation realised solely from the town's own material resources. The trolley bus transportation is a substantial contribution to the quality of living environment of Žilina; it is being introduced gradually to the most demanding routes. First trolley bus entered the town's streets in November 1994. Currently Žilina possesses 4 lines of trolley bus transportation (69.9 km) and 13 lines of bus connection (290.8 km).

Žilina is crossed by international routes of road transportation E 50 (Paris - Prague - Žilina - Ukraine), E 75 (Baltic - Žilina - Beograd - Athens) and E 442 (Dressden - Žilina). In the near future near Žilina an important intersection of European motorway routes will be completed. Currently the end of the motorway D 1 from Bratislava is about 40 km from Žilina (Ladce). East of Žilina there is a motorway behind Ružomberok (about 60 km). The works on the section leading to our town continue. Under construction are the highway tunnels Ovčiarsko and Višňové-Dubná Skala. Within the construction of the motorway network in Žilina under construction are several motorway inlets, which will substantially improve the traffic situation in the city. Bus and coach connections are to all important towns of Slovakia and abroad.

Of high importance is also the railway junction of E 42 and E 52, which according to the international AGG agreement, function as main international routes. The busiest traffic of express trains is on the route Bratislava-Košice. Direct railway connections are to Prague, Warsaw, Moscow and Budapest.

Situated about 10 km to the west of Žilina, near Dolný Hričov, is the Žilina Airport, owning the statute of international airport with irregular connections. The airport is able to manage aircrafts with the capacity up to 60 passengers. The landing runway is 1,150 m long. In the past a regular line to Prague was maintained. The future connection with Vienna and the general extension of the airport are at planning stage.

Plans are being made for making the River Váh navigable up to Žilina, which will enable connection of our city with several seas of the world.