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Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to Internet pages of Zilina. It is very good opportunity to get to know our town better, it is one of the most important towns of Slovak republic. Zilina is a town with an interesting history, with cultural and educational traditions, great economical and financial potential and dynamic presence.

There are many attractive touristic and historical localities sorrounding the town.

I hope, after you have read these pages you will be interested in knowing personally this town proud and cordial Slovaks. All people of goodwill coming are welcomed as friends.

Ivan Harman
Mayor of Zilina

ŽILINA is a centre of northwest Slovakia and one of the largest towns of the Slovak Republic. It is a seat of administration of the Žilina Region, one of the 8 regions of the Slovak Republic, with the area of 6,788 sq. km, and with the population of 692 582 (1 January, 2000).

The Region of Žilina involves 4 historical regions: Kysuce, Liptov, Orava and Turiec. It consists of the following districts: Bytča, Čadca, Dolný Kubín, Kysucké Nové Mesto, Liptovský Mikuláš, Martin, Námestovo, Ružomerok, Turčianske Teplice, Tvrdošín and Žilina.

The District of Žilina covers an area of 815 sq. km, and its population is 156,921 (1 January 2000) who inhabit 50 villages and 3 towns - Žilina, Rajec and Rajecké Teplice.

Population: of Žilina as to the 1 January 2000 reached 86,818 inhabitants, out of them 98 per cent of Slovak nationality.

Zemepisná poloha : 49°15´ of Northern Latitude, 18°45´ of Eastern Longitude.  The distance from Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic is 200 km. Žilina is the largest town situated on the river Váh.
Area: 80.03 sq. km.

Location : The city of Žilina is situated in the Váh River Valley, in Žilina Basin, at the confluence of Váh River with the rivers Kysuca and Rajčanka. Filling of the Basin is formed by the Tertiary sediments - conglomerates with the inlayed soft sandstones of the Carpathean early Tertiary. Along with Váh and Rajčanka rivers a rather broad inland flood plains are stretching accompanied on both sides by diluvial gravel terraces up to the relative altitudes of 80-90 m. In Žilina Basin there are 5 terrace grades. The whole basin is situated among the mountain ranges Malá Fatra, Strážovské vrchy, Súľovské vrchy, Javorníky and Kysucká vrchovina.

Elevation : 333 m a.s.l. - the Square of Virgin Mary.

Climate: the average temperature reaches in July +18°C, in January -4°C.
The yearly average of precipitations is 650-700 mm, with maximum in June and in the first half of July. The snow cover lasts 60-80 days per year.